Placy's offers the only REAL CHICAGO STYLE Italian Beef sandwich in Florida. Made with authentic 100% Angus USDA Choice Top Round Nebraska raised Beef, it is slow roasted to perfection on the premises, sliced so thin it melts in your mouth. Served with Placido’s family secret Au Jus recipe containing 24 carefully blended herbs and spices, it tantalizes the taste buds! Placy's also serves homemade Italian Sausage, the ever popular all beef Vienna Hot Dog served REAL CHICAGO STYLE, hand cut fresh fries, specialty subs and sandwiches such as homemade meatballs with his incredibly delicious Italian red sauce, juicy hamburgers, the ever popular Chicago treat ‘Peppers and Egg’ sandwich, a vegetarian sandwich aptly called the ‘California Surfer’ made with fresh avocado, sprouts, Monterey jack cheese and fresh basil on whole wheat bread, salads and Italian Ice. We are the only restaurant in the Tampa Bay area that gives FREE fries with every hot dog just like the most successful hot dog stands in Chicago! Portion sizes of all our menu items are slightly larger than those of competitors but cost the same or less.
Placy's provides “An affordable and quality taste of Chicago.” You get more value for your money at Placy's!

Since opening in July of 2008, Placy's food has won the hearts and appetites of Clearwater patrons that come daily to enjoy our unsurpassed family favorites served fresh daily. Here’s what some of our customers say about our food:
"It is the real thing! Authentic Chicago Hot Dog & Italian Beef Sandwiches” - Sam Gendusa of Clearwater, Florida.
"It’s Chicago in Florida! – Hand cut fabulous fries” - Jane Thorne of Dunedin.
"It's better than...McDonald's!" - Dylan of St. Pete.
"The food is fresh and great – I’m back in Chicago!" – Mike Arroyo, Clearwater, Florida